Kelly controller into a Z-20b

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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

i see no problem with this.

it does mean the curretn drawn from the battery while the bike isn't in use is higher, but for a bike in daily use, this isnt really a problem.


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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

Well, I can now officially join the club. While trying to repair a dead horn problem on my Z-20 my DC to DC converter died. I replaced it with a genuine professional one from Digikey made by PowerOne. A little debugging, things looked OK. Still no horn. But then my controller dies. I now have a Kelly KEB72601 on a DHL truck.
Two questions:

1. Does anyone have a file of the Z-20 or R-20 wiring schematic? I "misplaced" my file and the VisFV download section seems non-functional (just a pretty blond face and a libcnu home page.)

2. Has anyone tried to implement the "regen on throttle releaase" function on the Kelly controller? I love the way regen works on my eGo Cycle2 bikes. When you lower the throttle below your current speed requirements, regen starts up. The more you reduce the throttle, the more regen you get. The throttle controls both acceleration and braking. It is a lot like compression braking with an ICE machine only more aggressive braking. Very nice, and the controller operates the brake light, not the other way around. If I could duplicate this on my Z20 I would be in ehog heaven.

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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

2. I have an eGo Cycle also, and I like the regen. My Kelly controller won't talk to my computer, so I'm using the settings that it came with. Unfortunately, that doesn't include the regen. But it's fine otherwise, glad I switched.

1. I printed out the wiring guide -- not a schematic but it tells what color wire does what, for everything. Let me know if you run out of other options and I'll be happy to photocopy it and send it by snail mail.


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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

rksparks: Isn't it on EVT's website? Is it the Electrical Diagram for EVTA Models at . Scroll down and you'll see a list of all the documents linking to PDFs.

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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

laserline: Thanks much, that will do it. I did check their website, but I managed to miss that page. As soon as I get a break from doctor and veterinarian visits I should be able to get the Z going again. In the meantime, my eGo is filling in better than expected. The main trick to making an eGo cycle useful is to get a CaneCreek Thudbuster LT suspension seatpost. I never found an air suspension post available in 1" diameter and spring posts just don't cut it with the punishingly harsh ride of the eGo. The Thudbuster's elastomer absorbers really ease the ride. Even for an old geezer like me who has had prostate surgery. But the Z bike is easily 5 times better when it runs.

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Re: Kelly controller into a Z-20b

Today I visited Kelly factory in china,it is really nice controller. We plan to use Kelly controller to be another option for my clients.

Any feeback after one year replacement on EVTA ? any broken record here ?


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