Replacing a throttle on the z20b

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Replacing a throttle on the z20b

Does anyone have experience replacing the throttle on their scooter? Mine died. Andy sent me a new one but the 3 pin connector (which is supposed to be male) is female. There's no way that I can see of determining how it's supposed to connect to the bike. The old throttle wiring matches the description in the wiring harness document that EVTA sent us. The wires on it are white (pin 1 - positive), red (pin 2), and black (pin 3 - negative). The wires on my new throttle are color coded green, black (the middle one), and red.

Has anyone run into this before? Any idea which one should be the negative, positive, and 5 v?


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Re: Replacing a throttle on the z20b

This is from the R20 diagram

pin 1 accelerator voltage 0.5mm green to accelerator yellow
pin 2 5V positive 0.5mm black/white to accelerator red
pin 3 negative 0.5mm black to accelerator black

But the Zapino has the center going to the controller and Pin 1 +5V.
Red (0.3mm )
Black (0.3mm )
Green (0.3mm )

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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