evt 4000e - Charging in the rain...

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evt 4000e - Charging in the rain...

My NEW (300 miles) EVT 4000e got rained on while it was charging overnight. Apparently some parts of the charging mechanism shorted out. Symptoms were - on charge, end two indicator lights blinking, others out. Off charge, with key on, bike absolutely dead.

My dealer has since replaced some part of the charging mechanism (warranty still under discussion). On charge, all is ok, but when running the 4 indicator lights on the dash don't seem to reflect discharge rate or battery state, and the beeps indicating rate of discharge or load are gone.

Anyone had similar problems?

In fairness, dealer is new and is feeling his way through this one. He's capable, but a pointer or two from experienced maintenance guys would be helpful.

I'm concerned about the suitability of this bike to outdoor life. Has anyone else had one shorted out by an overnight rain?


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