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Hi again,

Test ride is happening in the next two weeks, once I get the copy of my lost motorcycle license through the post...

One question that nobody has been able to answer is about security of these bikes.

I have heard they are very heavy so will hopefully put people off lifting it, what is the key security like? Is it just a simple lock that can be broken and the ignition started or is there anything better involved?

Also does it come with an alarm or immobiliser onboard?

I dont intend to leave it in any bad areas, would like to know though and be prepared :)


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Re: Security`

If you can , chain it to the ground. This is not specific to Vectrix but to any motorcycle.
I'm lucky to have my own "open" parking space in London, outside my flat, two floors down. I bought a hook that screws to the ground (available from any bike shop), you'll need a corded power-drill, once that's in place just use a good motorcycle chain and padlock and you can sleep easy.
You might have to put chain around front wheel elements with a Vectrix as there seem to be loads of metal work around rear wheel.

Specific Vectrix anti-theft features, to the experts......

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Re: Security`

There are plenty of motorcycle security devices on the market that would probably work. You would just need to find the one that meets your needs.

There is plenty of room on the bike for a Gorilla alarm, they also have wheel locks that might work. Chaining it to the ground would be better if available.

Like you said, not too many people are going to be tossing the bike in the back of a truck. Your main concern is that the bike does not roll away. So a wheel lock might be enough.


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Re: Security`

Inclined to agree - although the fact it is 'heavy' is no deterrant as any decent bike or exrc scoot couldn't be physically 'lifted'. The VX1 has a standard steering lock, so pushing it away would only make it go in circles and couldn;t be rolled up a ramp into the back of a truck without the front wheel on a bogie.

Strangely, Vectrix only use a standard key, there's no immobiliser element. I use a plastic-coated chain with integral lock if I'm leaving it unattended for more than an hour or so


- Raymond

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Re: Security`

Chain through the welded hole in the swingarm is best, then anchored to something tough and evasive (swiveling etc).

Gangs of 5 can steal any motor bike in seconds if it is not locked to something.

Just pick it up and toss it into the back of a van, alarm blearing and all....

Then close the door and drive away. Easy.

Mr. Mik


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Re: Security`

My thought exactly; security on a $10k bike.
I think if I get a Vectrix or other high-end e-scoot I'd throw a zoombak in it discreetly.

Then if someone DOES get it I'll know where to find the bike.
I guess Garmin makes these as well; not sure what they call theirs.


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