Should I buy this?

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Should I buy this?

I'm looking to get an electric bicycle and I need to ask a couple questions about options available locally on Craigslist. Right now I'm looking at this

The little research I've done on Currie USPD systems seems positive. Is the price right? And more importantly, how would I go about changing the battery if necessary? Particularly with the Lithium options available now. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Re: Should I buy this?

A lot will depend on how it's to be used, how far , how steep, can you charge when you get there. I am a real shark when buying used, so I'd want at least $75 knocked off for new sla batteries, if its 24 v and a hundred if it's 36. Isn't the asking price about the same as the similar bike sold in wallmart? I don't know if the wallmart version was on a cheaper bike, or not.

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