How did you connect the controller to your battery pack?

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How did you connect the controller to your battery pack?

I'm just curious. I bought my Pedal-First 20 amp controller from and the given battery connector was an Anderson PowerPole but I had trouble finding a connector for it locally(And the shipping time from Canada to where I live is a week, so I didn't order the appropriate connectors from them once I discovered I needed one.), and my failed attempt at purchasing one online(Apparently the controller doesn't use a 75 amp PowerPole) pushed me to cutting the Andersons off and attaching ring terminals which I then integrated into my circuit. What did other people do? I felt like my action was a little extreme but I didn't really need to disconnect my controller from my bike once it was all hooked up so the Anderson was pretty much useless to me and causing me much grief. Perhaps I'll buy the appropriately sized Andersons in the future in case I choose to swap controllers with other future electric vehicles.

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Re: How did you connect the controller to your battery pack?

I buy like 25 pairs of PowerPoles at a time and use those. The 30A ones work fine for me.

The 15, 30, and 45A contacts all use the same housing, BTW.

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