Need help on Phoenix cruiser bike problem

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Need help on Phoenix cruiser bike problem


I bought two Phoenix Cruiser systems recently, and both have been installed successfully, but yesterday the first bike stopped running suddenly. It actually ran fine for about 15 miles, at which point I brought it home and charged the battery. When I tried to take it out again, it wouldn’t run at all. The light on the controller is on as is the light on the throttle, and I have checked all connections, but the motor simply won’t run. Are there simple tests that I can run using a voltmeter to diagnose the problem? I tried using the controller from the newer kit but that did not work. There is a silver connector set at the motor and the motor side connector seems a bit loose. I can rotate the connector around the wire easily. Could that be the problem?

Bill Destler (decibel1)

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Re: Need help on Phoenix cruiser bike problem

It almost sounds like you may have possibly snagged the power line going into the motor, and pulled it loose. Just a guess, but with it rotating like you say, it may have broken on the inside. You may need to pull the cover off to see if there is a connection problem in there. Also, figure out how to tighten the connector on the outside to prevent it from happening again.

You'd have to email the people you bought it from to get a better answer.

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