E-Max Controller (Contunued. from "Troubleshooting")

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E-Max Controller (Contunued. from "Troubleshooting")

Some on here are interested in repairing their e-max controllers, but have encountered part numbers scraped off the IC's.

If we could only go back to the days when most electronic gadgets came with schematics. This "intellectual property" stuff is going too far - but I digress.

Here is a list of the IC's used:

IC’s Used in E-Max Controller 2005-2006 version

U1 IR2110S MOSFET Driver - Blue Phase
U2 Same MOSFET Driver - Green
U3 Same MOSFET Driver - Yellow
U4 MC33033DW Motorola Brushless Motor Controller
U5 ST ??358?? Uncertain - Single or Dual Op-Amp?
U6 Same as U5
U8 Same as U5
U7 TI NE555 Timer
U9 HEF4069UBT Hex Inverter
U10 P521 Probably an Opto-Isolator
U13 Same as U10
U14 Same as U10
U15 Same as U10
U16 Same as U10
U11 MC33039P Closed-loop speed control chip
for MC33033 brushless controller chips
U12 LM393 Voltage Comparator

High-resolution photos of the board can be found here:



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