200V, 400Hz?!

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200V, 400Hz?!

I've been looking over a government surplus site for items and found something I could use, but the rating on it is 200volts at 400Hz.

How in the heck am I suppose to run this? Why does the military use "mobile" items with this type of requirement?

Also, what is the reason for 400Hz? I remember Nikola being asked to design things at this frequency, but why?

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Re: 200V, 400Hz?!

The military uses 400Hz so the magetics are smaller and lighter for aircraft and ships. This does not travel as well as 50/60Hz over long distances of miles/kms (which is why 50/60 is used for land purposes) but airplanes and ships are relatively short in comparison and need the smaller wieght and size.

Green electric power and use thereof; what more do we need?

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