Trying to understand

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Trying to understand

I am hoping this is the right forum to post. I think my issue is a battery problem but I am not sure and would like some direction on how to confirm.

I bought my daughter a Razor Bistrn last Christmas and other then the week of Christmas (in side our basement) it was not used till now. My problem is that it worked when it was put away but now does not want to move.

I charged the batteries and the handlebar light shows full charge but when you turn the throttle it does not move. Even if I lift the back end so there is not any load on the back tire all that happens is I can hear a thunk like the motor is engaging but then nothing. Just the thunk and that is it that is all.

What can I test to figure out what is wrong?

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Re: Trying to understand

Assuming it was put away with a dead battery, that may have killed the batteries. An inexpensive voltmeter will tell you what voltage the battery now puts out. The same tool can also tell you if the charger is putting any volts out too. If the batteries are putting out 13 volts each or so, they are good.

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Re: Trying to understand

If all is within the foregoing parameters .Try turning the wheel sprockets (carefully) or better use some CRC 2-26 Plastic Safe Multipurpose Precision Lubricant on motor & all connectors . Bocca al Lupo.

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