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Hello everyone, I'm used to saying hello when I first go to a forum so I'd thought I'd stick to good old habits.

I'm typing from Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, in a God-blessed country that has everything to be 100% electric-fed with renewable energy - we have strong sun, wind, waves, rivers... alas, not much investment is done (yet) but it's starting to go.
Our energy company is now ranked #3 in the world in terms of renewable energy capacity, and in the southern part an european consortium is building what is said to be the worlds' biggest solar plant.

Professionaly (airline pilot) I'm quite keen on energy saving and on the use of more bio-conscious fuels, but also quite aware of the long way to go (not to mention the fact that bio-fuels can be a no-go way of going around the question, after all you can't endanger food supplies to get fuel!).

I've found this forum whilst looking for information on advanced electric scooters (mainly the Vectrix), and found it packed with solid information and good, informed users, so I'm more than happy to join the bandwagon.

Ok, this should be more than enough... lol.

Take care, and don't forget to recharge :P



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