R-30 Anyone?

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Re: R-30 Anyone?

Replacement brake line arrived on 12/19/2008.
The replacement line was about 6" shorter than the original one -- a much better fit.
It turns out the original line was too long and rubbed on the front tire.

The replacement brake line works great!

The original line had a metal wire spring that wrapped it and looked very cool. The replacement did not come with the metal wire spring. I was successful at removing the wire from the original brake line and putting it on the replacement line.

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Re: R-30 Anyone?

David V-- I was wondering how your R-30 is holding up. I live in San Diego and am interesting in buying one. Since you're in LA I was hoping we could connect and chat more about your experience with this product thus far. How do you like it?

monroe Eskew
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Re: R-30 Anyone?

After a few initial setbacks and annoyances, I'm pretty happy with my R30.

What's the max speed anyone's gotten out of theirs on flat road? I think I got 42 recently.

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Re: R-30 Anyone?

After a few initial setbacks and annoyances, I'm pretty happy with my R30.

What's the max speed anyone's gotten out of theirs on flat road? I think I got 42 recently.

I've gotten 40/41 out of my Z-30, don't think my wife's gotten her R-30 above 30, but that's more because she's never owned a motorcycle/scooter and she's still gun-shy.

1984 Honda 500 [Green] - Long Gone (17+ years)
2009 EVTA Z-30 [Blue]
2009 EVTA R-30 [Red]

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Re: R-30 Anyone?

Hi all,
Sorry for the delay but I cannot recommend owning this bike.
The first one broke in half and the replacement one stopped working after one round trip.

The first one cracked in half at mile 25 as I was riding it at 25mph (bad weld) and the bike Basically split in half separating the frame(looked like a banana). The seat was lower than where it was supposed to be because of the split frame. The battery box caught the ground like a brake and the scooter screached to a halt. Lucky I wasn't killed and was not hurt but broke the windshield when I lurched into it (and no car ran into me from behind!) Had to push it a mile home. not fun. As a note i weigh 210 (yes my actual weight) and was riding it on city streets. It is certified to 400lbs(ish) I think.

The second one just stopped working after one round trip ride of 8 miles.
They tried to talk me through repairs, but nothing worked, this lasted over a month and a half. Then when I finally got a part they said needed to be replaced (a week after promised), they sent me someone else's throttles (wrong shipment/wrong invoice slip/wrong parts). I just got fed up with their incompetence and faulty product. If my life depends on their product, then it is not a risk for me.

Please note, I read the directions carefully, saw their videos and tutorials, checked over the bike, prepared it for riding and tried to work with EVTA. Bottom line their product didn't work and their customer service was responsive but sloppy, slow and ultimately ineffective. The bike pretty much never worked and I was charging a bike that went nowhere and gathered dust.

That's all I wanted was an electric scooter for commuting, no fuss no muss. The whole episode took me 4 months and I needed to threaten them with a lawsuit at the end to get my money back and when they did they did give the $$ back they charged me a restocking fee for a scooter that ultimately didn't work. Thought there would be a happy ending to this and waited to see how hey handled their business before I wrote about it.
There is more but that is the gist.

End result I am down over 1,000 bux and have no scooter.

I still think electricity is the way to go but now I am gun shy with small companies.
I know others have had good experiences with this product/company but this is my experience.
Buyer beware. Two Thumbs Down. I can't recommend this product, the R-30, or the company EVTA.
PS I have pix of the broken scooter if you really need to see em. Tried but the pix are too large a file to post here.
PSS Check the under frame on both sides for missing welds. My second bike had the welds but the components didn't work.
A nice driveway ornament but way too expensive in the long run.

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Re: R-30 Anyone?

I have had an R-30 for the last year (got mine around Thanksgiving 2008) and have put over 1000km on it and I have been very pleased with it.

As others have noted, the advertised 20-40miles per charge is an overly generous range. I've obtained consistent 20-22 miles per charge. Top speeds are as others have stated--I get to 40mph.

I will say that I can't get the bike to easily rock onto it's stand but the side stand works fine.

They apparently are thinking of a lithium battery LiFePO4 version upgrade on their next model (sent current owners a web survey regarding this in May, 09). I'm looking into the feasibility of trying some form of retro fit for mine. Does anyone know of doing this with the R-30? Sadly, many of the posts I've read are from much more sophisticated electrically knowledgeable folks than I but I'm pretty handy and adventurous just no electrical engineer...maybe I'll need to make a friend!

Anyway it's a very nice looking retro bike and here's one vote for the EVTA folks getting this one right (at least for some of us). Sorry to hear of your nightmare David V!


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