EV Global battery source

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EV Global battery source

I have a friend that is looking for a battery that would fit in an old 36 volt e bike from EV Global. The few places that I deal with for batteries no longer have replacements for them. Does any one know of a source for these,or of batteries in series that would fit in the holder for the original battery? They would like to stay as inexpensive as possible, but may go towards another chemistry if not to expensive. Anybody have an idea of where to look?

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Re: EV Global battery source

The remnants of ev global still operate
www.e-lectricwheels.com and provide the battery..

Also Nycewheels.com has a conversion kit with batts that add an outside the box ( charger ) 12 volt to the back of the bike

both of these will be SLA cells..

good luck !

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Re: EV Global battery source

get a 36v 10ah or 13ah from somewhere like batteryspace. more expensive but look after em with a wattsup etc, you get 500plus cycles

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