Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

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Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

I am planning on buying an XM-3500 shortly and just wondered how easy people have found it to get insurnace for the 3000 and maybe share which insurnace company.

Or does every insurance company cover every VIN?


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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

Geico will do it for $99.00/year. I don't know if electric is ok. Mopeds are ok.

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

I called several insurance companies to get quotes on an EVT trike (it is considered to be a moped) that I will probably be getting later this month. The results were as follows:

CSAA - everything seemed fine until I mentioned that it was electric. They do not cover electric mopeds.

Geico - no problem. $97 a year for pl/pd or $113/yr for full coverage. I didn't have the model number but they were able to find a picture of it on the web site and everything was okay with them.

Progressive - $340/yr since they couldn't find it on their "pick" list. Seemed to have a lot of problems putting "0" cc into their computer.

It would seem the Geico is in the lead when it comes to knowing how to handle electric vehicles.


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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

For those of you finding moped insurance through Geico, can I ask where? I see the motorcycle insurance (which they don't do in Michigan and that's where I live) but I don't see anything about mopeds anywhere. The only place I've been able to find moped insurance is from Progressive but their site sucks and I can't get a quote. I like Geico a lot and would love to go with them.

My next question for all of you that have looked into this is do any of these companies cover LOSS and THEFT for mopeds? This is my biggest concern since I took out a loan to get this scooter and want to have it for the full time it's going to take me to pay it off :)


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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

I got a quote from State Farm here in New Orleans on an XM-3500. They said they would insure it as a motorcycle and I forget the deductible levels, but it included uninsured motorist insurance (and a multi-vehicle policy, and I've been with State Farm for many, many years which also lowers the rate a good bit) for $90/6 mos. Not sure if that will help anyone else, but that's what they quoted to me after doing some deliberation with their underwriters.

Lenny Zimmermann
Metairie, LA

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500 in Delaware 1 year- yes, thats 1 full year. $106.00 insurance for the xm-3000. paid on line. printed the insurance card. good to go.

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

My Zapino is insured with State Farm for $58 a year. Same coverage as my Honda Goldwing Trike. Longmont, Colorado.

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

State Farm for me as well in Colorado. I think around $72 a year...

Broomfield, CO

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

I use GEICO, for my two e-maxs. Just $50 per year. I don't recall any problems. But I think the importer/seller of the e-max - the now-defunct Texas E-Eider, had made sure the e-max was on GEICO's list, which seems to be very motorcycle friendly a business policy.

If you can get away with it - either for registration or insurance, don't mention it is electric. In a Pennsylvania title application you simply check the box "less than 50cc" (which it is).

Unfortunately these little, skateboard-sized, non street-legal electrics have become a headache for the police in most states and Canada provinces, and that is what nearly everyone assumes you mean when you say "electric scooter". So, rule #1 is DON'T call it a "electric scooter". Call it what you intend to register it as - either a "motorcycle" a "motor driven cycle" (a category used in Pennsylvania and some other states), a "limited speed motorcycle" (Canada) or a "moped".

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

BTW - For my Lectra it was easy-peasey. Both the DMV and Progressive has the Lectra in their databases so it was just a matter of showing them the paperwork and they already knew what to fill in. Progressive, since it was my second motorcycle, gave me a $7 per six months rate. I suppose there's a big advantage to buying from people who did the legwork so the system already knows about the vehicle. EMB (the maker of the Lectra) did that legwork and even though they went out of business years ago it's still in the system.

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

just insured my xm3500 on friday liabity only on my other motorcycle policy only $4.30 added for the year .,.,with geico.,.,.,.,mark

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Re: Insurance for an XM-3000 and XM-3500

I went with Progressive on my XM-3500Li for $75/yr
$250kpp/$500k agg/$100k property
no collison/comprehensive/uninsured avail.
No price difference with lesser coverage so just kept stepping it up until the price increased.

Bike is not on list, nor is our X-Treme, but there's a generic moto in the drop-down which I used.

This is the only policy I have with Progressive.


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