HELP! Rigging my plug-less Smart Charger directly to the battery

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HELP! Rigging my plug-less Smart Charger directly to the battery

PLEASE HELP - The 3-pin plug on my 24v, 2amp charger ("AC Adaptor") was crushed beyond repair, so I cut it off to reveal 3 wires: Green, White, and Black. I need to "RIG" those wires directly to the 12v lead Acid Battery JUST TO GET Enough charge into the battery to get me to the store to buy a Battery Tender, etc.
Please HELP me select the correct placement of the 3 wires directly to the battery terminals.

ANYONE???? - Thanks, Jim

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Re: HELP! Rigging my plug-less Smart Charger directly to the bat

better use a voltmeter to be sure.. Probably the black is negative, & the white positive.. the third pin is so it can't be plugged in backwards. If you plug in the chager (being careful to not short the wires), you can put a voltmeter on the leads to see if it registers positive voltage. If it does not, then the polarity is switched.

Your charger will need to connect to your charging plug on the bike.. not to an individual battery. the charger is 24v, it will fry a 12v battery if you connect to it individually. Unscrew the plug, since you won't be using it, & you can twist the wires on, or use an alligator clip if you have one. Again, be careful not to short the wires. You'll probably want to plug the charger in to ac power, first.. some of the cheaper chargers don't have a diode to prevent back current from the battery.

good luck!


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