Gambling with battery vendors or, who do you trust?

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Gambling with battery vendors or, who do you trust?

Well, Seems like Ping/duct-tape batteries may be the best option after all. At least you buyer's actuall get yours even though they come from China! I know that I've read somewhere on the forums that someone has a Foxx battery but I ordered mine last month and keep getting excuses and promises instead of actually getting a shipment.
It is a real shame that I'm missing this season because of an unreliable vendor.
Should I ask for my money back and go through that legal hassle or wait out this non responsive outfit?

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Re: Gambling with battery vendors or, who do you trust?

I have a battery on the way from Ken at I will run it through its paces and report here on it after it arrive .The two batteries I got from Ping are both working well. Ping is not shipping anything for another month or two, so I thought I'd try out Ken's batteries. more expensive than ping though.

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Re: Gambling with battery vendors or, who do you trust?

Bummer. I thought the specs on the fox battery looked pretty good. If liquididy is not an issue for you, email Ping and try to get on his list for later. If you end up with two batteries, keep the one you like best and the other will sell like lightning I'm sure. Meanwhile, you might get some sla's to tide you over till the lithium comes. Tons of vendors for those, just search scooter battery.

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