A few questions about large hub motors...

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A few questions about large hub motors...

I have been looking at hub motors as an option and have some questions I think can only be answered by folks who have actually worked with them.

1) when using 2 hub motors one across from the other on an axle (Like the 2 front wheels on a reverse trike) is it safe to assume they would behave like a "live axle" and scrub on turns?
2) is there an easy to obtain hub motor (I contacted pml flightlink, no response...) where 2 of them, wearing automotive tires, say 14" could reliably proper a 1700 pound trike to 50 mph?
3) if 2 of these motors were being "pushed" past that speed (I am looking at them for a paralell hybrid) would their drag be significant?

Thanks :-)

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Re: A few questions about large hub motors...

There would be some tire scrub unless you were using independent throttles to make the thing turn. For a big trike, maybe you could overvolt a golf cart rear end and have a differential. Or do a bug rear end trike and use a regular conversion motor. When I peadle faster than the electric motor wants to be going, there is signifigant drag, since the motor wants to go no faster than the electricity wants it to go.

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Re: A few questions about large hub motors...

1) Don't know

2) No

3) Yes.

I have NOT actually worked with them.
Hope you get answers from people who have...

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