Vectrix has arrived

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Re: Vectrix has arrived


P.S.: This is me flying my BeltCP helicopter before I started inverted flying:

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Re: Vectrix has arrived

I have test driven the Vectrix 2 times now and the second time was during a whole day the thing is that the range was not enough for my daily commute,i have already decided to buy a Vectrix,but with lithium ion, probably the 2009 model. But its really exciting to hear about your first ride.
Actually reading about it , reminded me of those years 1900 or so, when people were experimenting for the first time with automobiles and their reliability and range.
Im the type that likes to try new technologies and problems dont put me down compared to the satisfaction of not depending on gas and gliding silently with a totally new tech!!!
So that said im waiting for september or October to get mine.
tell us more about your experiences with the Vectrix.


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