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Re: Updates from Vectrix

Mr.Mik, I will take some photos over the next few days and get them posted, also an update on the brake light for the Givi V46. I contacted Vectrix and was told by them that if I connect the brake light to the V46 box it would void my warranty. I was also told that if I connect anything that is not factory or is from there accessory catalog it would void my warranty. I can not believe that vectrix is going to take this stand on accessories. I was told the only thing that would not void my warranty is if I use the 12v cigarette light accessory connection in the clove box.


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Re: Updates from Vectrix

Maybe if they connected it for you it would not void the warranty?

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Re: Updates from Vectrix

"Voiding the Warranty" is not quite as simple as Vectrix would like you to think. They can't simply void the entire warranty for any and all problems if you make a simple mod, like connecting something to the brake light wires. They are legally obligated to show that your mod had a negative impact on the piece that you are making a claim against. For example, if you had a problem with the front tire, there is virtually no possible way for a brake light to affect that, so they can't legally refuse the claim.

Of course, putting added load onto the 12v system might have some affect on the high-voltage electronics, so it's vaguely possible that you might get a fight for a claim against your batteries or motor, which would be a bad thing. Now, if you had a problem with your brake lights after connecting a new component into the system, I think Vectrix would be perfectly justified in not helping you out under warranty.

Of course, I'm assuming you are in the US, which is probably a poor assumption on my part, laws may differ elsewhere.

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Re: Updates from Vectrix

Now, if you had a problem with your brake lights after connecting a new component into the system, I think Vectrix would be perfectly justified in not helping you out under warranty.

Legally probably yes, but morally no, because they know that there is an issue with the rear lights that makes them fail all by themselves!

Australia for example does not even have an equivalent for the "Lemon Law"!

Mr. Mik

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Re: Updates from Vectrix

Hi Knabo,
Could you advise me about battery maintenance for my Vectrix, how often do you charge, my average daily use is about 15-20 miles, should I charge it daily or wait till the it is almost discharged? not sure which one will give you longer battery life?

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Re: Updates from Vectrix

I was afraid you were going to say that was a V46, and you did. My Vectrix contact, at their flagship R.I. store, talked at first about both the E370 and the V46 boxes being available, but warned me about a 20 pound carrying limit for the V46, despite the fact that Givi rates it for 30 pound capacity. Even though I told him I wanted the larger V46 for its volume (so I can store my riding suit in it) and not for carrying much weight, he's saying now that he can't sell me the V46. I have a feeling that this is a legal liability thing, though he's not said so explicitly.

Givi doesn't offer any Vectrix mounting kits, so I seem to be stuck with only the E370 box accessory. I wonder if another Vectrix dealer would sell me a V46 box and mounting hardware. My local dealer has been unresponsive to my repeated inquiries for a box price quote, so I've given up on them, at least for accessories.

Hi AS you you know by the rest of this tread . the Mono lock fit bouth boxes . the Braket Vectrix designed is only good for 20 lb total . so yes it is liability at the Flagship store . most bike shop do not care what you do when you leave the store . most have discamers on the reseat. The vectrix backet is has a clean look but . will not hold much. mine work good with the small box but dose bounce a lot. and I moved mine forward Vectrix_004.jpgVectrix_005.jpg
. The flag ship store did install some with a unaveral braket . Some of the pic I have seen of others bike used it too. That may be a better option

Happy riding. Herb

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Re: Updates from Vectrix

I am not an expert on batteries or the Vectrix. But, at least during the warranty period, I believe in following the information in my manual. I keep the battery charged. Other places on the net and in this forum warn about constant deep discharges on the batteries will shorten their life. I performed 3 deep discharges on the battery when I got the bike. Since then I just charge each night.

I have not had to charge away from home.

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