XB 500 speedometer mod

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XB 500 speedometer mod

Hello, I was wondering if anyone that has an XB 500 in the US has been able to change the speedometer from kmh to mph. Also, has anyone that has the said scooter been bothered by the police for having a kmh speedometer instead of mph. What concerns should I have regarding this matter. Thanks.

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Re: XB 500 speedometer mod

It's just ×.62, 32 kph = 20 mph

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Re: XB 500 speedometer mod

I received my XB500 about a month ago, and the first thing I noticed was that the speedometer is completely useless. It shows the correct speed only at one speed... 0 kph.
Haven't you noticed that when you twist the throttle, the speed immediately shoots up to something like 15KPH, and that if you're cruising at full speed, it shows something over 45KPH, but when you release the throttle, it immediately drops to 30KPH?

I got tired of not knowing what speed I was going, so I installed a $15 Bell bicycle speedometer on my XB500. I mounted the display at the top edge of my "Glove Compartment". BellSpeedo.jpg
It works off a magnet attached to the front wheel, and to calibrate it, you measure the circumference of the front wheel in millimeters and enter that number into the speedometer during the calibration phase. This unit is sold at K-mart, WallMart, and many bicycle shops, and when correctly calibrated, it is very accurate, and can be set up to display either Kilometers or Miles. It also has a Trip Meter, an Odometer, Clock, and several other functions. There are two versions, one is wireless, the other requires running a wire from the magnetic pickup on the front fork up to the display. I'm very satisfied with mine, and it's very satisfying to know that I am reading the correct speed. I've checked the calibration by running around the measured 1/4 mile track at our high school several times.

So for what it's worth, I think $15 or so gets you a much better speedometer, and a host of other functions as well.

Find complete installation instructions at http://www.bergerweb.net/xb500

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