Tesla starting production (for real this time)

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Tesla starting production (for real this time)


Didn't Tesla start production a couple months ago? Well, this article says they've "broke the logjam" and are now doing low scale production and there's a goal of building 100 vehicles per week in December.

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Re: Tesla starting production (for real this time)

Sounds great! I just can't afford one.... Lemme know when GM and the big5 start mass producing LiIon full electrics... for the current price of vehicles, then we're talkin' about bye bye Saudi embassy. We are in a republic run by a foreign king. Welcome to America, ha ha ha.
Lets hope the oil companies don't buy the patent to the TESLA car or just buy all 12 of them that have been made (sad). Then they will bury them in ANWAR when they're done pumping, need to put something in the oil-well hole when they're done.
My scooter (made in China) is at least in my garage and gets taken to the store once in a while for odds and ends, cost me all of a Bush tax rebate.
Maybe we could get a business expense for a TESLA up to 100,000 just like the hummer giveaway a few years ago... Now my local florist, gift shop, dog groomer etc... all have free hummers via tax credit with their logos on the side! Then all we have to do is incorporate every person in america and viola! Everybody gets a TESLA roadster ;)
Maybe this is already Barrak Obama's plan!
Too bad we can't "Innovate" like the chineese, maybe then we would have a trade surplus instead of a defecit.
Even Iraq has a budget surplus! Hey guys, you can pay us now in oil or something? Bye bye.
It really does smack of technology supression when china is building more electric cars then we are! Guess who's cornering the "New innovation economy"? Thank you president oil man, thank you very much daddy's little spoiled brat.

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