Drill Motor: An Option?

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Drill Motor: An Option?

I've been thinking that a battery powered drill motor, like a Dewalt, or other, might be a good option to connect to a chain-driven system. They have a speed controller, seem to be geared properly for direct drive (with a freewheel), and are relatively cheap. The only possible downside I can think of is that they may not be rated for continuous duty... What do you think?

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Re: Drill Motor: An Option?

Someone actually took this idea to a small production run, actually. It was a tiny bike that could be chucked to a drill. It only went like 12mph, but it worked.

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Re: Drill Motor: An Option?

I'm guessing the "continuous duty" issue is going to be a show-stopper. I'd also be concerned with the bearings. Drill motors are not designed for side-load cased by a chain drive.


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Re: Drill Motor: An Option?

Don't even waste even one dollar on a drill motor. Even if its free, you will regret the time you wasted.

Go to a pawn shop (I'm not joking) and get a 24-volt cordless circular saw. (settle for 18V if you have to). When the batteries no longer hold a charge, its almost as cheap to buy a whole new set with a new saw, two new batteries, and a new charger, as it would be to get just two new batteries.

The old saws are often just thrown away. Put a lever in front of the stock trigger with a spring to hold it open. Put a cable from a bicycle brake onto the trigger-lever tip. The hand end of the cable can be actuated by a brake lever or twist grip.

The saw (compared to a drill) will have much beefier bearings, an integral gear-down to improve torque, air cooling, and battery-draw efficiency (motors provide better power efficiency and cooling at higher RPM's, motor fans are always direct shaft drive). Higher motor RPM's compared to power shaft RPM's are good.

When you're done, post pics and specs for the benefit of next guy

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Re: Drill Motor: An Option?

Very true, I've melted down a whole bunch of drills, but only a few saws. The saw will also melt, but much slower, if you ride short distances it should work fine.

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