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Recently purchased a EVT-4000e for use in the state of NYS, because my state requirments for a MOPED were that said MANUFACTURER & MODEL, must be listed on their "approved MOPED" list!!

Overall, it seems a good purchase!! But getting replacement parts for it, has been a challenge! (a) Distributor carry only a very select amount of parts, (b) Distributor A no longer carries that model, and Distributor B doesn't list their phone number on their website!

Any other buyers across Canada or the USA?, and how or where they get their parts from?!

P.S. With their relatively heavy 50 (or 44Amphr) battery packs, one can expect to get approx. 23mi to 30mi on a full charge, depending on speed and stops etc. I rarely attempt to travel more than 22mi in a day, UNLESS I set my top speed in the E(conomy) mode, and run it (Only) approx. 20-22mph!


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