Front Disc Brake

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Front Disc Brake

I'm back. On my ride home I was getting several diagnosis alarms, overload and brake is on. I got off and put it on the stand and checked the front and back wheels. The rear spun freely, but the front seemed to get hung on the disc caliper. It would spin, but obviously the caliper was rubbing the disc and the disc kept heating up. At one point the power let up, I suppose due to heat. I gather its overloading due to the added resistance from the brake. I'm sure this won't help my range as well. Is there any kind of adjustment or alignment for this? I thought I'd check here first before I approach the dealer.
Thanks, zapmat

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Re: Front Disc Brake

I tried to respond to your PM, but your user ID is blocked. Let Tom know you have a problem.

Robert Dudley
E-Scoot Tech

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