Razor 300/ Needs....something!

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Razor 300/ Needs....something!

Last year hubby got a new Razor E300 (serial # -09) as a promotional perk from Ford. He rode it once. Son asked if he could use it as trans to get 2-3 blocks to work and back. He just moved out, has no computer to look up any comp’s and works long hours. I have a heavy foot by nature but regardless this thing is seriously s-l-o-w. I think this is remanufactured design of the power wheel Big Foot toys my kids had years ago @ 2mph with a top of 7! Even at 54yr I could walk faster. I figured batt’s were probably old when it arrived last yr. Everything I’ve read says it’s a dog anyway. Ordered three 12V’s/9AH Powersonic- in order to get them to fit the platform will have to be raised at least an inch. Maybe some 1”aluminum piping can be used as spacers for the gap. My questions:
1. I need a new charger- Soneil 36V looks good but unsure if I should get the 1 amp or the 2 amp. My guess is the 2amp to cut the charging time in half (both start at .05). I’m thinking a better charger might mean buying less batt’s. in the long run.
2. I need a new 36V 5 wire controller- which one? It would seem the motor W’s in the E300 are too low for any on the market but need one to accom the 36V batteries.
3. The motor is a 250W (24V 2500rpm) and I guess if he doesn’t push it, it’ll work okay. If not which would be a good combo (motor/controller) that will fit best in the spot.
Leaving everything stock and wiring it in a series would mean longer distance but no power to get up a small hill let alone a curb. He weighs 145- needless to say a 220 lb rating is a joke.
I shouldn’t be complaining I guess it was no real money out of pocket but with mod’s I think this thing could zip or at least get him to work and back. Thanks guys- just a mom who is a little mechanical.

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Re: Razor 300/ Needs....something!

Welcome! A lot of us play with the little Razors and hop them up, so you'll find some good info if you ask around.

1. Go with whichever fits your budget/time. Soneils are good chargers.
2. You can find 36 volt controllers here: http://tncscooters.com/partsdb.php?type=ES
You'll most likely have to rewire the controller yourself as the connectors aren't really standardized.
3. Run the 24V on 36V until it burns out, then get 750 or 1000 watt MY1020 (also at TNC Scooters)


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