Fenders for Schwinn Stealth (by Currie Technologies)

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Fenders for Schwinn Stealth (by Currie Technologies)

I don't know this guy and haven't received the product yet, but many of us were admiring the pictures in this thread:

After I had a ride that turned wet unexpectedly, I started planning out how to make some fenders. When I saw the handsome set that keenono1 had made, I knew I was out of my league and resigned myself to begging him to make me a set for some cash. Then I figured out that he's selling them on ebay so I don't even have to beg. I ordered some today. Check it out if you're an owner of this model and interested:
They might fit some of the other Currie Techmology products, or not...

Chris Falk

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Re: Fenders for Schwinn Stealth (by Currie Technologies)

with some minor modification, I run them on my Lashout full suspension scooter. helps keep the water from going places you don't want it to go. The old Vego 600 Scooters used to come with factory installed ones. they were on to something.

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