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We are the front line

The "Plug-in 2008" conference was just held in San Jose -- it's an industry conference about plugin hybrid vehicles. I went to their 'public night' with an opportunity to browse the show floor and attend a panel discussion with some experts in EV's and plugin hybrids. For example the head of Google.org was there and it was in this panel session when he announced that google.org had made an investment in Aptera and ActaCell - both are in the EV business.

Anyway Chelsea Sexton was there - y'all'll know her as the star of Who Killed the Electric Car and she had some great things to say.

It is a line of reasoning beginning with "We are the front line... we know more about the practicality of using an EV in daily life than anybody, even the car companies who are trying to build the things... " and she also described her role as being an interpreter or translator for regular folk to understand this technology.

This is true... very few of the people around us have this experience we have had. It may be that the sort of vehicle we're frequently using will be (?have to be?) common in the U.S. in the future. When (?if?) peak oil hits the world as predicted oil prices will inexorably rise and no amount of political grandstanding (we'll just drill more) will bring the prices back down... Scooters may be what saves the day because they use drastically less energy than a car does, to accomplish the same goal (the daily commute).

I'm coming up on 6 yrs since I got my EVT 4000 and attempting to do my personal transportation in a radically different way. I didn't think when I got the thing I'd become an EV advocate. But it started once I got the EVT4000 and hasn't let up since.. the times you pull into a parking spot, the bike catches someones eye, they come up to you, and ask three of the five typical questions ... each person asks their own set of questions but it's always coming from the same set of questions.

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Re: We are the front line

Yeah, isn't it funny how you go straight from just being cheap, to a convert, to a zealot. A lot of folks I talk to think I'm a kook, but then that's allways been true. I know of 5 electric bikes in town so far, starting from zero this winter, so even here it's catching on! One of the local bikeshops even let an old Iacoca bike in the door on consignment. $500. hmmmm.

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Re: We are the front line

I've had the same experience. I never thought when I bought that first 12v standup type scooter that it would lead me here. I guess the thing is that as one begins to experience electric power in this way...it "just makes sense." You wonder, why hasn't more been done...and then you realize all the non-electric crowd has no real idea of the advantages, etc. And, at the same time I think most of us feel "good" about not further polluting the air with the gasoline burner...even considering the coal burning power plants making electricity...which as I've read in numerous places is still far less of an environmental impact than the fumes spewing from all the gasoline vehicles every day. Then, if you're like myself and many others here I know of....and you have hands on repair experience and knowledge of gasoline cars, etc....then you just appreciate the sheer simplicity of electric vehicles as well!

This all reminds me of a moment I had earlier today...as I was riding home at lunchtime. I ride on a sidewalk for a short distance to get to another parking lot on my way home. I see this guy walking in front of me. I'm thinking I know he won't hear me coming up behind and the law here in FL for ebikes is to blow the horn. But, I don't want to startle his leisurely walk either by blowing that irritating horn blast! So as I approached I said "heads up" and he turned and moved aside a bit...and as I went past I said "just wanted to let you know I was coming up behind you...since I know you couldn't hear me. This is very quiet...it's electric." And as I went on I heard him say "man you're right I can't even hear it running!" Isn't that a nice thing! We were in a very natural, scenic area, with lots of wildlife, etc....and wasn't it great not to be spewing fumes and making a bunch of noise! I think so...

Gushar :-)


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Re: We are the front line

I'm sure some of you can relate to me and my experiences with EVs. Everywhere I go, people are always telling me what a great idea it is and how they wish they had one. But I'm one of 4 in town. Me, my girlfriend, my friend, and a guy I sold one of my scooters to. Other EVs would be more popular around here. Unless they are modified scooters, it's hard to get around in the mountains. Electric cars or motorcycles would really show people what these things can be. Once I have the money to build one, I'll build a motorcycle to help spread the word. I've only been into EVs for about a year now, but I really believe that they're something I need to share with others.

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Re: We are the front line

I hear you, I'm the only person around here (Lake Cumberland area, Kentucky) with an EV besides a golf cart. So, I still get all those "How long is your extension cord?" jokes. LOL! It's funny though, there's a place in town selling the gas versions of the xm3000 under a brand name Rocketa. They are IDENTICAL to the xm3000 as far as looks and people around here have no problem buying them. If they only knew...

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Re: We are the front line

I hope this "electric powered movement" moves forward a little bit quicker because:



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