Lock mechanism for 07 Stealth 1000

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Lock mechanism for 07 Stealth 1000

Does anyone have experience retrofitting a lock to a Schwinn Stealth 1000? I'm an electrical engineering student, so the wiring doesn't scare me; I just don't know where to get a lock or how to attach it (or even if the best place to do so is where the current on/off switch is)...

Thanks in advance

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Re: Lock mechanism for 07 Stealth 1000

Get a drag car or race car kill switch. It'll handle the amps and it's a key. It's also cheap from ebay.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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Re: Lock mechanism for 07 Stealth 1000

Get a drag car or race car kill switch. It'll handle the amps and it's a key. It's also cheap from ebay.

The US General brand of these is distributed by Harbor Freight. You might find it in your local store.

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Re: Lock mechanism for 07 Stealth 1000

Hi Martin Thanks for your comments. I didn't like the idea of always having to lock up my scooter with a cable lock while I did my shopping, so I decided to make a locking switch. I picked up a keyed switch on e bay for 7.00. The outside shell was threaded and had a mounting nut. I took the lock assembly to my local hardware store and checked the pvc fittings to see what was the smallest size that the lock assembly would fit inside. You need a plastic cap ( mine was not flat, It worked fine)large enough for the mounting nut fit inside. You will need a short piece of pipe. also a Plastic Tee. The first thing I did was to open up a hole in the end cap so the lock shell would fit in to it from the outside. I attached 2 (36")leads to the terminals on the lock and tightened the mounting nut to the end cap. I split (sawed) the Tee so I could using a heat gun open up bottom of tee so it would fit down tube that switch is on. I mounted my switch high on down tube so I had lots of room. This part was sort of tough as I didn't have any help. Once the tee was spread out so it fits good mark a spot on the down tube to feed wires down inside down tube to controller. If you are satisfied with location, drill 5/16 hole for leads.Debur hole. Also mount tee I used pop rivets Now is a good time to figure how long a piece of pipe you will need. I'm guesing not over 1 1/2" as you want to have end cap as near the tee as possible when all is done. I would not assemble the plastic fittings untill I finished the wiring. Unplug battery pack. Take a piece (30") of solid wire attach it to the leads and feed down through the short plastic pipe, through the hole you drilled till you find it at bottom of dowm tube. Once you have the leads down by the controller remove the wire you used to pull leads. You should have lots of extra wire. Now the wiring; I used the brake feed wire that comes from the switch on the brake lever. Follow the wiring from switch till it comes through battery box and goes to controller. you will need to bare each of the 2 wires so you can make a connection to each the leads from the keyed switch. One lead to each
of the wires, from brake switch. Be careful here either solder using shrink tubing for insulation or use terminals. I soldered mine as there wasn't much room. Once everything is insulated, you can re attach battery pack. The brake switch is a nornally open switch and closes when brake is applied. So you need to see in what position the new switch needs to be in to turn of power to controller. What the keyed switch is doing is keeping controller from powering scooter as long as switch is in closed position. I do not know if there is any problem of using this method. I have had my lock in use 2 years and it works fine.Once you have the keyed switch in correct position you need to use PVC cement and fit fittingd together. keeno

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