hub motor brake not working

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hub motor brake not working

I was wondering if anyone cn assist me regarding brake issue. I own an e-max sport 2000 which I purchased back July 2006. I am currently experincing rear brake problem with my scooter. The cable is still connected to the lever on the hub motor but when press is apply there is no brakes. Not sure if I need an internal component replace or if its a simple fix or not. There any one who can offer some offer help.

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Re: hub motor brake not working

The E-max rear brakes can wear beyond the range of the brake adjustment. In this case, you need to remove the brake actuating lever from the splined shaft and reattach it with the lever aligned further rearward. This will allow the brake adjuster to take up the extra slack.

BUT, if he brakes have worn enough for this to occur, you should inspect the brakes for lining wear. You will need to unbolt the brake plate torque restraining bolt, then unbolt the the hub motor from the rear fork. No wires need to be disconnected, just slide the hub motor rearward enough to slide the the brake shoe plate off the axle.

The brake shoes are a standard Chinese scooter part which can be ordered on the internet at various sites like this one:

The biggest problem with these Chinese drum brakes is the annoying squeal. I have not found a way to fix this yet.

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