Scooter for a 12 year old

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Scooter for a 12 year old

We are looking for an electric scooter for our 12 year old son. There are 2 scooters from X-Treme we are interested in. The first is X-Treme X-560 and also X-360. Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I have read some bad reports about X-Treme products on the internet, that some arrive damaged from the factory and it takes months to get replacement parts. Is this true?

Thanks, Suzanne

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Re: Scooter for a 12 year old

First of all, where is he planning to ride them? In most states, it is now illegal for kids to ride any motorized vehicles including electric ones, on public property, including streets and sidewalks. This was fallout from those stupid 10 inch off the ground pocket bikes that came on the scene a few years back. My 12 year old son has a razor MX500 dirt bike, and I ride with him around their neighborhood and in a dirt path open space area near a school, but he isn't really supposed to do that. I won't let him ride it by himself. That razor MX500 and MX650 are a great bikes by the way, and WAY better built than the Xtreme stuff.

The small Xtreme stuff really is bottom of the barrel in quality,(the 560 and 360 are both really poorly made) but unfortunately, they have priced most of the better scooters that used to be available off the market. Pacelight, Vego, Lashout and a few others that were top quality stuff are now gone. If you have a place for your son to ride, check out the razor MX650. I think its the best electric powered small EV for kids on the market. Some of us have added another battery and boosted the output so they can do 20MPH or faster, which is plenty fun for a kid. I even like riding his!

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Re: Scooter for a 12 year old

I have the x-treme x-600 scooter. I plan to test it out for another 2 weeks and then I hope to have up a full blown Youtube review (I have a preview up, just search for x-treme x-600 on Youtube's site).

X-treme does have everybody beat on price, but there are hassles involved. Mine came with a bad battery out of the box so I had to ship it back (at my cost) and their tech support is limited to about one question per day (you have to submit a problem ticket over the web to get any help and that can take 24-48 hours before a response).

So far the quality of the scooter has been ok. There were little things that weren't quite right, but I found ways around that.

If you don't want the hassle and you don't mind paying a few hundred more, then there are options out there. I can't really comment on other scooters since this is the first one I've ever owned.

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