Greenwit Geared Hub Motor

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Greenwit Geared Hub Motor

Does anyone have experience with the Greenwit brushless hub motors from e-ride in Canada? They are making some pretty amazing claims about their unique brushless control algorithm. They are claiming 70 Nm or torque from this 500W motor.

Also does anyone know of a good resource comparing geared hub motors along with full specs, suppliers and prices?

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Re: Greenwit Geared Hub Motor

I have friends that have Motorino bikes with the CCT motor. The motor in my Dream Ryder is of similar technology. These have the most torque of most bikes out there. Their climbing ability and to maintain speed during the climb out preform a lot of bikes in the same class. The acceleration from standing stop you will feel the pull of the bike. You will be across an intersection before others are partway through. These have to be throttled not just WOT. These are just my observations and experiences with this motor and controller.

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Re: Greenwit Geared Hub Motor

I have an XPc and about the only good thing I can say about it is that it is powerful. We have some nasty uphills in Vancouver and it will do well, the speedometer (which is completely inaccurate) only shows no more than 10km drop in speed. I've even gone up hills with a passenger and once caught up to another electric scooter rider while I had a passenger and easily kept pace. Actually, I had to ease off the throttle because I couldn't pass.

Cyclists are still going to pass you, though.

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