Need help building a lifepo4 battery pack.

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I got my hand on a bunch of these batteries. Valence Technology, IFR 18650 Powercell

Nominal Operating Voltage: 3.2VDC
Nominal Capacity: 1.1Ah
Internal impedance (1kHz, AC): 15mOhm
Internal resistance (10A, 1s, DC): 25mOhm
Standard Charge: CC 600mA to 3.65V, CV to 50mA
Discharge current(peak, 10sec): 25A
Discharge cutoff: 2.0V
Operating temperature range: -30C to 60C
storage temperature range: -40C to 60C
Diameter : 18mm
Length: 65mm
Weight: 40g
PartNumber: 1002453

The batteries came off of a segway.

I'm looking to build a 48v pack either with 15-20 AH. I am aware that I need a bms, which has (15 cell), but where would I get the charger, and how would I group these batteries?


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