Battery Cooling

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Battery Cooling

I am running a 48v 8ah NiCD battery on my ebike I mounted it in a bag that is connected to my rear rack. Any ideas on how to keep the batteries cool they get very warm on a high discharge???

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Re: Battery Cooling

Partially unzip the bag?

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Re: Battery Cooling

Before I melted my hubmotor, I was concerned about toasting my lifepo4 battery riding in the New Mexico desert. I needed to protect the battery anyway so I wrapped a thick aluminum cookie sheet into a box the battery fit very snugly into. This acted like a heat sink, and the aluminum could shed the heat much better. This contraption sits in a metal box, with a lot of ventilation since I cut away the front part of the lid, scooping in air as I ride. Of course great care was taken not to risk a short on the connections.

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