Battery Grounding

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Battery Grounding
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Hi All! I have a quick couple question. I have a 36v Sunbird scooter and it has a space under the seat and a male three port house plug(like a monitor a/c cord) for an auxillary battery. I have a 36v minimoto battery and a spare 3-pin female house plug to connect to the battery. The center plug is the ground. When connecting this plug to the battery, is it essential I connect the ground to the negative lead? And, Do I need to put a fuse, in-line, on the positive lead? I was thinking of an in-line automotive blade-type fuse, maybe 30A. The motor is like a 350 watt hub motor, will it draw more than 30A? if so, should I go to a 40A fuse? Your thoughts appreciated! Thanks in Advavce!

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Re: Battery Grounding

Your controller will control how many amps the motor uses. If it fails in a short (likely) the fuse should blow if it is selected well, to prevent motor coils from burning up. With a hub motor, that is NOT overvolted, 30A should be just fine. Carry an extra fuse, and if it blows on a hill, pedal harder! A 40A fuse maybe too much for a hub motor, but if your controller is rated at 40A, then it is probably appropriate for your system.

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