Solar battery

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Solar battery

This is not a vehicle question, but this is about the only place I know where people have real world experience with batteries.
I have been running a small PV set for about 3 years. It is rated at 45 watts. I use a marine trolling moter battery for power storage. It was cheap and I have had experience with that battery, so I went with what I know. The system was installed as a backup and test uint. It runs a light and fan ( and sometimes 12V to 120 V converter ) in one room. The battery is outside and has been through somewhere around 1000 charge discharge cycles. I am told by the local vendor that is about as long as I can expect the battery to live in the Florida heat. It has cycled somewhere around 1000 times.
I need to replace it. Any suggestions?
Would like to store 3 days of power in the battery, about 100 amp hours,and have it live with the current battery control, or have a cheap replacement controler. Perfer something I can get close so I do not have to ship, but if I can find a good enough product, I can ship.

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Re: Solar battery

I would just get two 6 volt golf cart batteries from Sam's and wire them in series. My last bank used them. They are better for deep cycling, but not as nioce as Trojan or similar, but still pretty darn robust and about the cheapest way to get deep cycle batteries.

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