Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any info, anywhere!

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Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any info, anywhere!

Hi, I'm new here. Been reading alot of post and found tons of great info, but just cant find the info i need for a particular scooter. I was given a R/T electric scooter for my 15 year old daughter to ride. Problem is, cant get it to charge. I dont know who rewired it, but its not what i am used to looking at. I'll try my best to explain...yes, its that bad...guess they lost the key to it and put a toggle switch to turn on and off...i dont see wires for the lights at all, and there is no guages for anything....guess they didn't have a charger or something, who knows, so i was told i could charge it with a car battery for no more than 3 hrs....That just does not sound like it would be safe, but i may be wrong? I tried charging the two 12volt batteries with a trickle cell charger. (the scooter does work...had a little juice in battery when given to me). The trickle charger light indicates it is already charged...its not tho. They have the two batteries wired as such....wire from positive front battery to negative back battery. There is nothing connected to the negative on the front battery. I may be trying to charge it wrong, i'm not sure? I hooked negative to the back battery negative and positive to the back battery positive...turned the charger light on charger shows charged. The front battery has some sort of silicone junk covering the battery terminals so i assume i dont hook charger to that battery at all? I am lost as u can tell. Frustraited to no end cause i normally can figure this stuff out without a problem. I also have searched all over the web for info, a manual, anything on this brand of nothing. Its probably a junk scooter, but was free and my kid wont leave me alone till i get her scooter charged. PLEASE HELP. Thank you

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Re: nywhere!

Assuming its a 24v scooter, you do a series connection of the batteries. So the positive on one batt is connected to the positive scooter wire. The negative on that battery connects to the positive on the next battery, and that batterys negative to the negative on the scooter. Then you would charge them with a 24 volt charger with them connected together. To charge with 12 v charger, you will need to seperate the batteries again and connect to the - and + poles to charge the batteries one at a time. Chances are, the batteries are used up.

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Re: Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any...

'R/T' you mean 'Reverse Trike' ?? I don't recall seeing any scooters in a reverse trike configuration. It would help if you posted a picture. Or was this a home-built thingymajob?

It would help if you got a multimeter and used that to measure the battery voltages.

It does sound like the battery pack isn't properly connected... the batteries should be connected in series, meaning + on one, goes to - of the next, the plus on that goes to the - of the next, etc. You do say it's two batteries so the pack should be the - of one connected to the + of another, that leaves a + and a - as the positive-most and negative-most connections of the pack. The positive-most and negative-most are what you connect to the vehicle wiring and typically is also where the charger is connected.

It's not a good move to charge by connecting batteries together.

There are "24v chargers" you can buy which would be correct for a 24v pack like this. Or you can use your "trickle charger" to charge the two batteries one at a time. But there are other 12v chargers which charge at a higher rate than "trickle" and two of those would be a good idea. Two 12v chargers would constitute what we call a "bank charging" setup, one charger per battery.

The multimeter will let you measure voltages to see what the status of everything is.

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Re: Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any...

Thank you for the input on the charging. I was thinking the batteries was not properly wired to one another...just didn't look right. The R/T is the name of the has no modle number or no other name on it, just the letters R/T Scooter on both sides...its just a generic brand scooter i guess? My friend came across another one just like it and it has a key. All i'll need for that one would be to get a 3prong type plug in charger...same kind of charger as most scooters i've seen. I think i'm going to use the not so put together scooter as my own little experimental project to learn more about how these little things work and what all can be done to make em better. Got also another scooter free. Guy around corner was throwing away a Sunl electric scooter. he's looking for the key and charger when he gets time...i went up and knocked b4 removing from trash pile and loading it up in my car. It is all dusty dirty, flat tires, yellow color kind of faded, but frame and body looks good, has gauges and all lights in tack. Looked up replacement key and charger for that exact brand (SunL) for $7 + $28. I dont think there is anything wrong with it other than it sat in a shed for a while and may need new batteries and tires. Cant believe how i lucked into 2 R/T scooters and 1 SunL scooter in less than a weeks time. Cant beat free. If he finds that charger, I can use it for the 2nd R/T scooter that has correct plug in port to charge up its batteries...both have same 3 prong looking plug in port. will save me $28. I am a penny to be since i'm a single parent & sole provider of two teen girls. If anyone has any tips, tricks, or advice that'll save me time or money, or make my new hobby more fun, I would greatly appreciate it. I do have ADD and will get stuck on figuring out some things or will have difficulty explaining whats on my mind, so just in case, i'll pre-appologize if my ADD causes confusion or agrivation to anyone. I learn quicker by hands on or shown how to do something only an IQ of 157 even...but dang ADD messes me up on concentrating or compleating things in a timely if ya see i'm having a brain fart, spray some de-funk-er-isor, welcome me back from la-la land, and break it down to me of what ya tried telling me before i said Duh Duh da doo der duh duh uhhh rrrra yep. Again, Thank you (i'll have to take pics of the scooter thats not quite right so u can have a good laugh and shake your head like i was free tho).

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Re: Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any ...

This is a pretty old thread. If you still need help, please post again.

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Re: Anyone know about an R/T elec. scooter? I cant find any ...

i got one of these scooters and need a charger and might need batteries, it has 2 24 volt batteries in it but only 1 single 24 volt motor, what charger and battery would i need and if the battery is not available anymore is there a alternate that i could use

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