Ideas for a Turbo/boost swithch on a 24 volt scooter

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Ideas for a Turbo/boost swithch on a 24 volt scooter
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Hello forum members,

I am looking for links(or any ideas) to schematics of turbo/boost power switches(solid state diac,scr,or E.M. relays would probably be used) for mainly acceleration uphill;I have a 24 volt brushed motor in a chinese electric scooter,and would like any information aboutpower controller bypass circuitry,and/or how to wire the OEM power controllers(might get 2 of these to increase the
AMPS to the motor)in parallel for better acceleration/hill climbing ability??

I also am thinking of upgrading the OEM electric motor in my scooter so have uploaded a few pictures (for forum member reference)of the OEM motor(picture # MOT-24250),and the upgraded motor(picture # MOT-24350) I may purchase if it will fit my scooter frame!

BTW,any suggestions of a good 24-48 volt replacement motor (either Scott,Kollmorgen,or 4 " X 4 " case size,CW-rotating motor shaft will work with my e-scoot)-brushed only-would be appreciated!!

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