Toyota Winglet - it ain't no Segway

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Toyota Winglet - it ain't no Segway


Toyota has developed a motorized stand-up-and-ride Segway lookalike designed to help people scoot around at malls and airports.

But the "Winglet," shown Friday in Tokyo, takes some getting used to. A demonstrator was visibly worried about its safety while accompanying a reporter who cautiously tried it on a short course in a Toyota showroom.

Toyota officials insist anyone can learn to ride it with some practice, including the elderly — its major target buyer.

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Re: Toyota Winglet - it ain't no Segway

Cute, but there's no way they have a real battery pack in something that small. Most probably just a small tester pack that is good for the 15 minutes or so of the demonstration. The real question is how they'll make it so that you can ride it all day long --- as many folks who use mobility scooters do.

Working on a Piaggio Boxer (mo-ped) EV conversion:

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