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EVT America Z30

Just got the following email from EVTAMERICA and am posting it for informational purposes. It sounds like they're learning but history shows we should take this with a adequately sized chunk of salt.

Making its debut in the USA this coming September, EVTAMERICA unveils its powerful new Model:
The 2009 Z-30

Dear David,

Allow us to update you and inform you of significant coming events that are just around the corner. EVTAMERICA is today presenting the new Z-30 electric bike for you to see and analyze. We will let you know what is new and we will make objective comparisons with our own past models. Because the information is extensive, we have decided to make it a two part press release. This is Part 1 and it deals exclusively with the Z-30 and its predecessor the Z-20b. Part 2 will introduce the R-30 (Retro Style) electric motorcycle and also make comparison with its predecessor, the R-20. All added improvements will be detailed. The new 2009 EVTA models will be available in the USA this September 2008.

Comparing two EVTA electric motocycles

2009 Z-30 versus 2007 Z-20b
The 2009 Z-30 is similar to the Z-20b in the body style which we have found to be far more suitable than the very attractive but older original model Z-20a. The 2009 Z-30 however is quite different technically from the 2007 Z-20b in a number of ways. The following are the differences and improvements.

Analyzing and Comparing What are the improvements

  • The Z-30 has a 3000W three-phase, 60V brushless hub motor built on a 10 inch rim and sports 10 inch X 3.5, 6 ply DOT tires. This new motor is faster with 940 RPM.
  • The new motor is capable of reaching speeds of approximately 45 MPH (72 KPH) but with superior torque and climbing ability. It has been kicked up by 500 watts.
  • In order to cut costs as much as possible the 2009 Model Z-30 will only be available in two colors: Metallic Red or Metallic Blue.
  • The body and frame of the Z-30 is much better in both quality and fit and will be assembled with 100% stainless steel nuts, bolts, washers and screws.
  • The range may be reduced faintly if the motorcycle is used at full speed at all times, but should still exceed a 30-mile range at constant cruising speeds when used with fully charged batteries.
  • The totally new controller is a Kelly Controller specifically and specially designed and modified for the Z-30 and has a built in overheat preventer which reduces the amperage under extreme conditions. This will eliminate the need for cooling fans thus increasing reliability.
  • The Z-30 will no longer have an alarm or a kick stand on and off relay which proved to be unreliable in our first production and became a common problem as a result of shipping. Our top priority is most definitely reliability. The Kill Switch will remain as a safety feature.
  • The windshield and the trunk as well as wheel locks and an alarm kit will be offered as options and separately priced.
  • We have acquired different and much better rear shock absorbers that are significantly stronger and provide a smoother ride for the Z-30.
  • The front and rear coated disc brakes are of much better quality and fit; they are also DOT compliant.
  • We have graduated to a superior DC Converter (60V to 12V) with an inline fuse for added safety as well as a much higher peak current.
  • The new heavy duty harness installed is made to European standards, including shielded for ultrasound frequencies; they have also been simplified for functionality and are much better color coded to insure continuity and easier maintenance.
  • The dash now contains a speedometer/odometer with both MPH and KPH with European standards of accuracy which are (The displayed speed-Actual Speed) X 1% +4km. The needle will be a fiber optics needle that glows in the dark.
  • The Hall Effect throttle is much improved with extra rugged thicker wires proving to be more reliable in all our testing.
  • The Z-30 comes with the much awaited SmartSpark battery equalizer (made in the USA) for 60V with LED lights, which maintains the batteries precisely balanced both during charging and discharging thereby increasing significantly the batteries' life. It is also able to perceive the individual condition of each battery and therefore can sense if any one battery is not functioning properly.
  • The rest of the Z-30 will be much the same in appearance, though it now has more clearance under the frame and battery box of the motorcycle due to the new shocks. The Z-30 still has the 5 X 12V 35AH sealed lead acid battery pack as well as DOT lights throughout.
  • We are equipping all our 2009 EVTAMERICA models with a much improved Soneil International Limited of Canada automatic 60V charger.
  • Range will vary depending on the weight of the rider/s, terrain, wind resistance and road conditions. Example: a run on a relatively flat road with few stops and a 180lb rider will get much better range than a hilly road with multiple stops, and a 280lb rider.

Z-30 Model Year 2009

PRICE: $2,750.00* + SHIPPING
Shipping USA: $400.00
Shipping Hawaii: $550.00
Turnkey ready
Included 5 new batteries
Included Automatic Charger
Included SmartSpark Equalizer
Optional: Trunk Kit: $125.00
Optional: Windshield Kit: $75.00
Will be available to the USA market this September 2008

WANT TO PURCHASE? How to get on on the Waiting List

If you want to be sure that you are going to want to purchase a new 2009 Model Z-30 or R-30 (not shown here) and not be concerned with our running out of the model or color that you wish to purchase, we suggest and recommend that you REGISTER early on the newly created Waiting List by clicking on this Sign-Up Registration Link and providing the information required. Thank you.

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Re: EVT America Z30

I would suggest that persons interested in this or similar type vehicles that will require a pre-order and wait period consider waiting for an announcement to be released on September 1, 2008.

The announcement will be made jointly by two of the most respected names in Elecric Cycles in the USA. Both are USA based companies and together and with their new alliances will enjoy a coast to coast sales and service presence in several states across the USA.

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Re: EVT America Z30

OK, one of those two names is apparently Nova scooters (see: http://www.voltsrider.net/vr/forum_posts.asp?TID=123). I wonder who the other one is?

Interesting that Nova scooters has jumped up to one of "the most respected names in Elecric Cycles in the USA". I'd have thought that was Vectrix or somebody (certainly not me, and certainly not Nova). But still, despite the normal hyperbole the product sounds interesting.

I wonder what "best in this class" means (see the volts rider post). What exactly is the classification? Will it be a small scooter like the XM-3000 or a larger one like the XM-3500Li? I agree with the folks who tend to think that 40 to 50mph on the XM-3000 is probably all you really want at that size. I haven't sat on an XM-3500Li (real soon now! yeah, I know...) but I expect that would be more like a 150cc size of scooter and more suited to the 50 to 60mph range.

I'm looking forward to September 1st.

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