Cheating a customer to desperation

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Cheating a customer to desperation.

What happened?

At august 6 2007 I bought an full electric scooter from ECO-movement :

We use in Holland much English words, but get a nice impression from this
good site as I got in 2007. So why don't give it a try and buy such a scooter.
I choose a light model for my needs: a 30 mile coverage.

And yes, there's he is brought by the dealer and indeed. I can ride 30 miles
without any issue.

But within 2 month I got 2 leaking tyres and our "FietsNED" (mobile patrol for
2 wheeling vehicles) replce that one for good ones not came out of China. This
kind of tyre is able to absort whole items in the tyre causing a leak one.
So tyres replaced with real scooter tyres and since then no leak.
After 4600 kilometers the first problems went in. The battery is not that fit
anymore and 20 mile is the border for coverage and this becomes slightly mad.

Costs €440 for 6000 kilometers and even this new pack drains more early than
100 charges ago.

Then I went in my garagebox and by accident I went in; otherwise my house
was burned out. the charger sets in fire just when I went in.

This is my limit. i spend lots of money in this scooter and then charger
aswel defected batteries for now. That was a very short lifetime.

I have not won the lotto so I can't pay a Li-ion solution for it and
Lead-aced is that worse as I describe.

For now I'm looking for a second hand gasoline scooter without the
worries about the range and speed. This is sure.
Between the period they repair the scooter and replace the
charger I seld this one on an advertising site and I want never
see an elevtric vehicle again. With such madness I hope you
understand my vision. I'm very angry now.

The case I'm furious? The've tighten me!

No worry, I've 4 persons willing to help me with this procedure against
Eco-movement because I try to claim all my money back and 4 against 2 is
maybe not the most honestly way, but their fault is tighten me and lying
to me in the past and I never accept lies.

I dreaming from a full speed trip to downtown without the worry the batteries
became exhausted.

No more electric for me

PS: My second elektric vehicle was dead after 13 month. Such crap I've never
seen. I'm really shocked.

Maybe people here has their mouth full of America, but I promise you as dutchman
that people Holland are everything except kind.

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Re: Cheating a customer to desperation

We are very sorry to hear of your troubles. I know you did nothing to deserve this. The actual range of the electric bike I bought is less than half of the range the seller claimed. But unsuspecting customers think the bike can do what the seller said, and then ruin the batteries trying to go that far. This problem is going to cost a lot of buisness for e vehicle sellers as word gets out not to trust anything they tell you. Even if they stop doing buisness that way, they will still have lost all trust. Unfortunately, if you buy a gas scooter, it may also be made in china, so you may want to stick with a known japanese brand name.


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Re: Cheating a customer to desperation

Dear Rogresalor, I am sad to hear about this problem.

Do you know how to tell if a salesman is lying? He is only lying if his lips are moving!

With so many people caring about getting away from gasoline because of price, pollution, and politics, there are many people who want to quickly make money from consumers who don't yet understand the details of products.

Many people must start with lead-acid batteries. They are large and heavy, but the best batteries are very expensive (as you know). If your lead-acid scooter will travel 30 miles, and then it should only drive it 15 miles, and then charge it up all the way.

To drive it all they way until it dies is called "deep cycling". Deep-cycling is very bad, and if you only travel half the maximum range, the batteries will last much longer. Li-ion batteries do not have this deep cycling issue, and you can drain them all the way.

The charger catching on fire? it should never happen. The charger is defective and a poor design.

Many people are buying a gasoline scooter here in my city. The 50cc engine is very weak, the people who are happy have the 150cc engine with tall tires, not the tiny tires. I wish you luck, my friend.

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Re: Cheating a customer to desperation

Very kind dear mates to feel with me.

If I buy a gasoline scooter it will be a brand name like Peugeot, Puch, or Yamaha.
Never in my life again I buy something made in China. This is the very last time
I ride on the scooter. What happens now I'm cooled down.

When the scooter is repaired I sell this scooter to someone in urban areas like
the nearby city Oss (google maps it, funny to know where it is ;). There exists one city called Oss )

You're right my part, when I buy something else, no made in China crap.

PS: I like dogs too and I can good with them.

This scooter has made the most mileage in my possession.

But now a brand new problem: if I have no EV what I'm doing here?
Still advising people with accupacks and my interests in batteries.
I have much practice experience with EV's.

But I'm happy when I can drive 40 kilometers at 45 km/h (limit here)
with no worry about milage. A simple Puch has a mileage of 120 km and
this sounds better in my surroundings. Now I must take the charger
with me every time and when I can save that space and can gain top
speed for long times... I've learned from the past (top 40 song)

Maybe it surprise you my English is not that bad, but it is due to
adequate high education and English is well known here.

But there's one big but:

If I've had money enough I build in a Li-ion pack, but in Europe the
taxes are such ridiculous that the price for upgrading is (keep your heart)
$1799 inclusive build in. Sorry, but for that price I ride a beautiful MT5
cross motor. If I sell this product I wish to gain €900 from it and for that
price I've a beautifull full-size occasion scooter from the same lifetime.

Something is broken in me.

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Re: Cheating a customer to desperation

Very sorry that this has happened to you, but it seems like many people on this forum and other forums also have experienced *SOME* of the lower quality of the Chinese products. I agree that you are better off purchasing a regular Gas scooter from a well known brand like Yamaha, Aprilia, Vespa, etc. They may be a little more expensive but the quality is there. It would be nice if some of the major manufacures of scooters made an electric model to sell to the public. God Bless you my friend :)

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Re: Cheating a customer to desperation

A pity for the batteries. I mostly deep discharge them because there're so weak.

It is not the first time the scooter stops due to empty batteries, but now the
charger was set in fire the batteries are now completely empty and it takes at
least a weak for a new charger is here. In that time the batteries possible die.

I'm sure as soon this peace of China crap was maded I sell it directly to someone
in dense urban city's who drives short distances.

I'll buy surely buy a gasoline scooter. I've more than enough of this very
expensive solution called : elektric driving.

They lie to me and now I'm a 'little bit' pissed off.

When I drive a gasoline scooter I've happely no worries about range and a range
of 250 kilometers on one tank is enough I thought. No worries anymore about these
stupid cheap lead acid solution. From my part they dump the batteries in water.

Such mad I'm are and I can better stop writing now for this moment, sorry

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