phoenix brute safety

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phoenix brute safety

i have heard from a crystalyte dealer that the phoenix brute is not safe to use on any bike it has caused frames to fail even though they are steel

here is the email i got from a local crystalyte dealer

That is a very dangerous motor and does not belong on a bike frame or on the market.
Do you realize that this motor weighs over 25lbs!!
No bike commercial bike fork can support this motor and you risk serious injury or death using it.
On top of this, electric rider/Dave Durker is the most dis-honest dealer in our business.
I get many of his customers after he screws them over.
He has also done this to many dealers in this business.
Do yourself a favor and stay away from the Phoenix motors and this guy that is selling them.

has anyone had any issues with frames failing or being ripped off and such?

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Re: phoenix brute safety

Though I have no experience with that motor, I tend to agree that most of the purchasers really want motorcycle performance, which is a lot to ask of even the best bikes. Used sanely on the street, they probobally break frames a lot less than when ridden on trails. That much power in the bumpy dirt trails might be better put through the chain from a frame mounted motor. At least, they shouldn't be sold as a front hub at that size.

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Re: phoenix brute safety

My wife and I both have bikes with Phoenix Cruiser motors on them. This is the motor midway between the Brute (highest torque) and the Racer (highest speed). They all weigh 25 lbs and are simply wound differently. I cannot imagine needing more torque than the Cruiser will provide. It can *accelerate* up almost any hill and has a good top speed of about 30 mph, which is as fast as I want to go on a bike. Both of our bikes are all-steel cheapies from WalMart with welded dropouts and no front suspensions. I would be careful mounting a Phoenix motor on a bike with a front suspension.

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Re: phoenix brute safety

I tend to agree the 5xx motors are more powerful than most bicycle needs. But, uh, I tried a couple weeks ago taking my regular city e-bicycle into a mountainous park to see how well it would do, and was not very happy. I think it depends on your terrain and what you're looking to do.

Another desire I have is to do e-bicycle riding to any place in the SF Bay Area, such as to cross the peninsula to go to Santa Cruz. Vertically (straight line) it's a 20 mile trip but 11 of those miles are up in 1500 foot tall mountains, and you have to climb to/from sea level on both ends. I was talking with a guy a couple months ago who's been working on this same goal. He's been using Heinzmann motors for years and had all sorts of trouble getting the motor to climb the mountain without the thermal cutout shutting down the motor. He finally tried a crystalyte 5xx motor and got to the top with ease.

If I got one it would be installed in the rear rather than front.

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Re: phoenix brute safety

I have a Crystalyte Brute (5305) on the rear and have not busted anything yet. I'm only running 36v though, and need to bump that up to 48v or 60v. Current performance is torque-y, but slow.

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Re: phoenix brute safety

i think after some checking around there was some rivalry/haterid towards electricrider by dan of largoscooters and the way he gets revenge is by making false claims in hopes to steer customers away from electricrider to his site.

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Re: phoenix brute safety

Will your brute make it up a 12 % hill?
I want one but need it to get up a 12% hill. What kind of battery do you have? Thanks, Barry

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