3 in one -5 bars to zero - battery blue - short charging

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3 in one -5 bars to zero - battery blue - short charging

We are having a lot of talk about simalar thing . This may be the same issue for some of them.

5 bars to zero . short charge or range . What I was told was you need to sink the bars / miles to go and the charging sequence . The change is not just by volt it is from a zero set in the software. and also as some of you know the type of battery Vectrix uses has a memory of sort. it need to know its zero.
I was told to run the bike out completely . If you run down close you will help the battery zero set. but not sink the display and charging software. Completly like it will not move at all . It resets by holding the trotle wide open for about ten sec. bike not moving.( I would do it longer after taking all the time to run it down) this is supose to sink the charging sequence and the bars / mile to go . Ya I know this is a pain to do. on level ground the Vectrix gose a long way . and as many have said you don't what to push the vectrix up hill.

Also doing a full charge or just what you have time for will not change the charge set point.

Ask your dealer they should have ben told this Too.

Happy riding , Herb

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Re: 3 in one -5 bars to zero - battery blue - short charging

So I have discharged the battery to limp mode but never to completely dead. I should probably do this once.

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Re: 3 in one -5 bars to zero - battery blue - short charging

If your range display arrives at zero bars/zero km left at the time when you are only crawling, then you do not need to syncronize anything. It's already perfect!

In my opinion a BaLPoR is that synchronizing you were told about.

The more out of sync it is, the more bars disappear suddenly.

Mr. Mik

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