welded,or JB welded freewheel sprocket hub doable??

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welded,or JB welded freewheel sprocket hub doable??
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Hello forum members,

I was wondering if it is possible to weld(or use JB cold weld epoxy) a freewheel hub on a clone electric scooter??

The reason I want to try this is because it is the only way(that is what I think)to get regenerative braking to work on my electric scooter(switched electric contactors/relays,
power controller with 2-4 quadrant feature nto present currently)

If any forum members know if this could safely be done to a freewheel hub, appreciate a reply to this post!!

I have uploaded a picture of a scooter freewheel that is similar to mine for reference.

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Re: welded,or JB welded freewheel sprocket hub doable??

I have on occasion used epoxy on those hub bearing on a worn out threaded wheel. I have never tried jb weld, but I just used some in conjuntion with steel pins in a aluminum Lashout wheel as I added a disk brake to it and I could see no other way. the jb hasn't cracked or anything and thats using the disk brake, so I would assume it will be strong enough. Just make sure you have it taped around the bearing just to keep from getting it in the brearing. It's hard finding an good quality hub bearing to begin with much less one that doesn't fall apart after 2-3 hundred miles it seams.

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Re: welded,or JB welded freewheel sprocket hub doable??

I would get it arc welded. JB weld is good but nowhere as reliable and strong as arc welding! (Do not use epoxy or JB weld and later decide to arc weld it, when the first attempt fails, because all the stuff will need to be REMOVED to keep it from contaminating the welding!)-Bob

Robert M. Curry

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