rear gear noise not so bad check the out

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rear gear noise not so bad check the out

I know that some people have noisy gears . My gas bike has a lot of gear and chain noise but the motor is so loud you would never hear it (and It is quiet for a gas Bike)..
My rear spoket is a little out of round .( in spec though, said the dealer) so it has a slaping sound quite loud much louder than any Vectrix.
Any way here is a link to a nice EV VFR . watch the Video . he has done a great job . but the chain is loud.
Vectrix seams way better than this .

Happy riding

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Re: rear gear noise not so bad check the out

Put some wax on that chain. That'll quiet it down fast. Cover in WD40 or PB blaster, then smear wax all over it. Best way I've found to get the chain to not make a sound. I'll have to post a video of my scooter with sound sometime. Whenever I hit the throttle I get a high pitch squeal from the motor. It does this with the yk42 controllers I have. btw, those are great controllers for a high end motorcycle. 48v 100amp stock, and can easily be modded to handle 200v and who knows how many amps.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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