XB-600 deep cycle battery?

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XB-600 deep cycle battery?

My uncle used to be an engineer at Cushman's(scooters) and he said that I have a "Deep cycle" battery and NOT to charge it every night. He said to charge it when it gets really low otherwise the battery will have a "Memory" and will hold that memory and will only use that much. I'm not sure I've explained that as well as he did.

For example:
If I ride for 15 minutes everyday and charge right afterwards...pretty soon I'll only have 15 minutes before the battery is drained.

Does this make sense to all of you?


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Re: XB-600 deep cycle battery?

SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries hold no memory-for effective purpose.Charge yours ASAP & AOAP. If not discharged too low & they would last more than twice as much . Trickle charging would be even better

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