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The Cycle Car

Lawrence just sent this to the SFEVA mailing list, so I'll repost it here

"A freeway capable commuter vehicle with all the latest electric technology"

The first affordable car was called the "Cyclecar" from 1910. Wikipedia Cyclecar

This new CycleCar strives for the same place in history by provided the first affordable electric commuter with plenty of performance and range.

Body Specifications:

  • Seats two passengers side by side.
  • 10 gallon trunk capacity with inside light.
  • Front/Rear independent hydraulic shock absorbers.
  • Front/Rear hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Windshield wipers.
  • 97" length, 74" wheelbase, 56" width, 55" height.
  • Two tone upholstery seats - Automatic rectractable seat belts.
  • Electric Accessories: 12 Volt Socket, Parking Light, Inside Cabin Light
  • 2 tone painting. Standard colors red, white, blue, yellow. Black top and underside.
  • Security glass sunroof.
  • Three wheeled vehicle registers and insures as a motorcycle. Less than half the insurance of a car.

Freeway Model:

  • The latest AC motor technology.
  • 74-80 volts 500A max (almost 50 hp)
  • Regeneration (adjustable). Almost never need to use your actual brakes! Adds safety, efficiency, and reduces brake pad wear.
  • 74V 100Ah of Third Generation Lithium Batteries with 2000 charge cycles. (Other sizes and battery types available.)
  • Under 600lbs including 200lbs Lithium batteries.
  • Top speed: 70 mph (110 kph)
  • Price: $16,000 for 40-60 miles range (74V 100Ah)
  • Price: $19,000 for 80-100 miles range (same vehicle, more batteries)

All But Freeway Model:

  • Brushed Permanent Magnet Motor
  • 72 volts 150A. 8 continuous -- 18 peak hp
  • Top speed: 45 mph
  • Price: $10,000

Planned Options/Upgrades:

  • Enclosure on the side windows.
  • Efficient electric heating.
  • Custom fit car cover.

Electro Ride LLC (Brian Howell) offers this vehicle, 650-222-0378, Belmont, CA, 94002-3463, brian.howell [at],

The prototype vehicle is back in the Bay Area after being displayed at the Alt-Fuel Expo show in Marin.
If you are in the Bay Area, stop in for a test drive. Please call ahead for an appointment.
CycleCar will be introduced this fall (2008).
Electro Ride LLC is taking orders now.
A $5000 deposit reserves the vehicle.

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Re: The Cycle Car

I happen to know a little bit about this vehicle, having talked with the people involved and looked at it in ?April?

First, this is a 'Tango Trike' modified... .. The announcement says it's Brian Howell who's involved however Sam Wonderly (Electroportal, the caretaker of the Charger Bicycles) who seemed to be the headman when I talked with the lot of them in April. I made a couple earlier postings about this and am glad to see it's getting ready.

The vehicle I looked at is open on the sides.. there is a door, but no window, and the door is actually open on the bottom side. The website says they're working on a 'side enclosure' which is gonna be a good idea if it's gonna sell in the U.S. since there's "weather" to contend with. The Tango Trike (as I understand) originally comes from Uruguay.

It's physically a very small vehicle. It appeared to be solidly built, however I did not get inside because in April they were doing a lot of work the day I saw them and the seats were full of stuff etc.

I was on the techshop website yesterday and noticed this video... Wait for the second part of the video to see a bit of this vehicle.

I should mention.. Brian Howell is very difficult to talk to. He talks in this rapid fire pace and it's impossible to get a word in edgewise. So while I've been in his presence, I haven't ever talked with him, I've only been talked to by him, and I think that's what the BoingBoing editors are getting across with the way the video is edited ;-)

I'm confused over the name ... 'cycle car' implies to me "bicycle" but I don't know of this having pedals. They might have a different connotation in mind...?

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Re: The Cycle Car

Cycle car refers to cars based on motorcycles such as the British 3-wheelers of the '30s. The Morgan that is produced today had its start as 3-wheeled cyclocar. See the following link:

Tempting but I absolutely agree with the need for doors or a full-weather enclosure.


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Re: The Cycle Car

I'd rather have this than a Vectrix for the same money! (Though I wish it looked like an Aptera) The Video gave a convincing demo iof its sprightly acceleration.


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Re: The Cycle Car

On an SF Bay Area EV email list I saw a notice that these people had progressed to the point of DMV approval that allows for a quick registration process. In other words they're still working through the legal hoops to make it easy to sell the thing, and that they made it through one hurdle. The same email said they were gonna be selling in California only.

I still think it looks cool. I think comparing it against other vehicles it's price puts it near the Triac and that the Triac looks like a better choice. But that's comparing the highway-capable CycleCar against the Triac. IIRC there is a less speedy CycleCar for less price but isn't highway-capable and that lower price may be an advantage.

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