Help wiring the Magura to 0-5k to 0-5v to work with the KDS36100 Brushless controller help!

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Can someone please teach me how to wire the Magura from 0-5k to 0-5v to work with the Kelly brushless KDS36100 controller?

This is the controller:
This is the throttle:

I believe the magura throttle is a resistive throttle. I called Kelly and spoke to Steve but was unable to understand his English and I did not want to irritate him.
I found this thread here which almost answered the question: his is a brushless controller as well but mine, the KDS36100 is non-programmable PLUS I do not know what the '120 Degree Setting' is/does AND what adapter he is referencing when he got it to work. It did mentioned something about 'PIN 7'. Can someone please help me out here? I just have a few strands of hair left! trying to keep em' at least til' thanksgiving! Thanks all! Bless!
Ed, Brooklyn NY

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