Stealth: Tire saga continues

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Stealth: Tire saga continues

So I posted a few days ago about the bubble I had in my rear tire on my Stealth.

The bubble did pop and I was expecting it. I was riding very slow so there wasn't any danger involved.

Anyway, I removed the wheel and put another tube in. (It was a used tube.) When I inflated the tire a new bubble appeared!

So does this mean that the problem is the tire and not the tube?

Please advise.


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Re: Stealth: Tire saga continues

Sure does, man. That tire must be bad. Go to a bike store and see if you can't get another 12.5 inch tire for it. It's supposed to be a 3 inch wide, I think, but a little narrower couldn't hurt the handling on these things. I'm thinking about going to a smaller tire to reduce role around corners. I don't know if many people ride as hard as I do though. I've wrecked a couple times hitting my kick stand from turning to sharp and fast. I'm not the brightest fish in the woods.

I bent my wheel, broke my trans, and blew my motor. Now I cry a lot.

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Re: Stealth: Tire saga continues

I'm assuming you mean by "bubble" you mean that the tire has swollen in one area and the tire bead is growing closer and closer to the edge of the rim? If so, it's either a tube that is too big, overinflated tire, which can cause the cheap tires that's put on these things to fail, or just a bad tire. I like the 3 inch tires over the 2.5. It gives it a smother ride and helps navigate through terrain that's tough enough with a 12.5 inch wheel. I have heard that over inflating the tires 2-3 pounds doesn't hurt and actually helps.Remember, you can travel faster on taller tires if you have the motor to push it.. Make sure you buy the best quality tire and tube cause these wheels are not forgiving in a blowout. Boy do I know that one. Adding another battery to the 1000 make a world of difference in you speed.

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