SEEKING INFO: TRX Electric 3 wheeler

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SEEKING INFO: TRX Electric 3 wheeler

So I have an opportunity to buy a used one of these dirt cheap. It is missing a charger however.

I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with one of these.

Unfortunately my Stealth charger's XLR (barrel) connector does not fit this scooter's charging port. I wonder if any kind of adapter exists. I suppose one could be made but probably not by me.

Anyway, any input would be appreciated.


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Re: SEEKING INFO: TRX Electric 3 wheeler

as long as you have a 36v charger, then an adapter will work fine (you can make one up real easy from TNC scooters parts. I have heard that those 3-wheel chariots are a bit dangerous because the center of gravity is so high... be careful stopping from a high speed (10mph)

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