insulation blanket for battery box on scooter

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insulation blanket for battery box on scooter


I need some suggestions please. As my night temps drop in fall I am looking for a way to keep my Lepton's SLA batteries a bit warmer so I get better performance the next morning. I was thinking about some type of insulated heated blanket that I could wrap around the battery box after charging is done that would provide low warmth. The battery box is between the rider's feet, so something could wrap around the whole bottom part of the scooter frame and plug into my porch outlet. When it gets really cold I wouldn't be riding, but this would extend my use season a bit more. Any ideas for what type of insulated heated wrap I could look for? The scooter spends the night on a covered porch, so it's dry.

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Re: insulation blanket for battery box on scooter

I know this is a late reply but... I got an uncle in Alaska that sent us a sort of bag-like heater for lead acid batteries. Here we get to about -40 F (-40 C) so they are pretty handy. The bag is put under the battery and the battery slips in. Then you plug it in to 110V AC overnight. I think they contain some sort of antifreeze. The only problem is you may or may not have to modify you battery compartment so your batteries will fit with the bags under them. I don't know where to buy them but I would guess any auto parts store would be able to order them.

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